I'm a semi retired creative art director/consultant with over 30 years advertising experience working on global blue chip brands.

With a huge interest in comic artwork from a young age I was always hoping for a career in that field, but I was drawn away to the glamorous "champagne guzzling" world of advertising. The "adventures" I had with magic markers were amazing and I wouldn't change anything from those times.
Now over 30 years later I have the time to dive into a discipline I so much wanted many years ago.
Whist studying at the local polytechnic I was involved with the 2000AD comic & I visited IPC Magazines at Kings Reach Tower
many times
I also had the priviledge of seeing actual artwork from the likes of
Mike McMahon, Brian Bolland, Ian Gibson & Cam Kennedy to name but a few. Their various styles and top quality guidence from the
great Doug Church influenced me massively.

Over the last few years I have had many "strips" published and worked along with some great up and coming writers.

My web folio shows published work, ideals and scamps that I have produced and I aim to update as projects come along.
I am especially interested in working with new script writers on projects that we can take to interested publishers.
The trusty Wacom tablet is my "CS10" nowadays which allows quick concepts to be emailed for apprasal and development.
Final page artwork is produced and ready for the letters !

So if you're a writer with an idea or a script that you want to take further then lets talk.... drop me and email !